EUFEPS’2018 Tracks


- Physiology of the GI tract relevant for drug absorption

- Nanomedicines and nanosimilars: How to assess how similar?

- Performance of dosage forms in the GI tract and impact on drug absorption

- Nanomedicines: Challenges on the road

- Drug absorption, dissolution and in-silico modeling-towards prediction paradise?

- Manufacturing of future medicines

- Systems pharmacology

- Biotech and biosimilars

- Regulatory science: Partnerships looking into the future

- New drugs in oncology

- Information on drug absorption in regulatory processes- nice to know vs. need to know

- EUFEPS Network on Pharmacogenetics Research and Implementation

- Nanomedicines: the European Platform

Important Dates

27.04.2018  - Abstract Notification

13.04.2018  - Abstract deadline

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