Confirmed Speakers

Plenary Speakers

 Per Artursson, Uppsala University The Douwe Breimer Lecture "Intracellular drug bioavailability: a new predictor of
transport and metabolism dependent drug disposition and intracellular target engagement"
 Leslie Benet, University of California Calculating extraction ratios and predicting IVIVE: The unrecognized assumptions
 Mansoor Khan, University of Texas A&M  Innovations and Nanomedicines: Balancing Responsible Science with Regulations for Success
 Stefan Knapp, Goethe University Frankfurt Novel Molecular Targets
 Sir Munir Pirmohamed, University of Liverpool  Personalized medicine in order to optimize drug efficacy and minimize toxicity
 Jukka Rantanen, University of Copenhagen Manufacturing of Personalized Medicines


Session Speakers (in alphabetical order)

Patrick Augustijns, KU Leuven  What do we know and what should we understand better?
  Sarah Barthold, Glatt  Drug delivery in the pediatric and geriatric patient population – Advantages of multiparticulates
  Annette Bauer-Brandl, Syddansk Universitet  Vitro performance Ranking of bioavailability-enhancing oral formulations: Recent advances
  Robert Bies, University of Buffalo, SUNY  On the dilemma of irreproducibility: Inherent or statistical
Maria Blanco Prieto  Nanomedicines in paediatric cancer
Gerrit Borchard, Universiy of Geneva, Switzerland  Bench to Mensch and back: Identifying critical quality attributes for nanomedicines
Martin Brandl, University of Southern Denmark  Colloidal structures and drug absorption: from amorphous nanoparticles to bile salt micelles
Hartmut Derendorf, College of Pharmacy University of Florida  Modeling and simulation to streamline dose optimization on earth and in space
  Aris Dokoumetzidis, University of Athens  Extrapolation of drug’s efficacy from adults to children using pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modelling 
  Thomas Felix, Amgen, US   Biosimilars: Clinical Relevance of Analytical Structure-Function Studies
  Rogerio Gaspar, University of Lisbon  TBA
  Devrim Gözüaçık, Sabancı University, Istanbul   From Cellular Stress Studies to Diagnosis of Diseases using Biochips and Nano Tools
Richard Harvey, University of Halle  Antimicrobial nanomedicines for pulmonary delivery

Amir Farshchi, CinnaGen  MAb development, being fast & furious
Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg, Karolinska Institute          Personalized medicine: Challenges of rare genetic variants in prediction of drug response and adverse drug reactions
Ulrike Konrad, Biosimilars Group  CMC Considerations for Biosimilar Drug Development 
Lars Kuepfer, RWTH Aachen, Germany  Simulating cellular drug responses within a whole-body context
  Stefan Laufer, University of Tuebingen  EGFR Triple Mutant: Recent Set-Backs and New Hopes in Fighting Mutant Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Caroline Lemarchand, University of Paris-Sud  CMC experience in clinical development of nanomedicine
Panos Macheras, University of Athens  Do we need to consider a reaction limited in Vivo drug dissolution model?
Andrew Owen, University of Liverpool  Towards stratified medicine approaches using nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems: A focus on infectious diseases
Christos Reppas, University of Athens   Drug absorption from the lower intestine? 
Rana Sanyal, Turkey  From Synthesis toward Clinical: An experience in Nanomedicine
Umay Şaplakoğlu, GE Healthcare  Continuous manufacturing of biotech drugs
Despoina Sanoudou, University of Athens,
Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of Athens
 Genomics and Molecular Biology in drug development and assessment
Karl-Heinz Seyfang, Harro Hoefliger  Dosing and process control technologies to cover the wide variety of dry powder inhalers
  Romano Silvestri, Sapienza University of Roma  New anti-cancer agents through an interaction with tubulin
Konstantina Soulele  Population pharmacokinetics of inhaled drugs
  Kristian Stromgaard, University of Copenhagen  Targeting syntenin and inhibition of cancer
Maria Vertzoni, University of Athens  Advances in biorelevant oral drug product performance testing
Arnold Vulto, Erasmus MC, Netherlands  Clinical evaluation and interchangeability of biotech products from clinical pharmacists point 
  İrem Yenice, Arven Pharma  Development of a biosimilar monoclonal antibody drug


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